Thursday, January 29, 2009

...might be good's Best of Austin 2008

Just a note to show how proud we are of our shout-outs from Fluent~Collaborative's contemporary art e-journal ...might be good. And a shout back to say CR has written the coolest synopsis we've ever seen for any of our plays ever!

Best Investigation of the West
Rude Mechs' I’ve Never Been So Happy
The Rude Mechs' funny, well-informed multimedia performance was a refreshingly queer interrogation of the West. Moreover, I’ve Never Been So Happy felt like a Brechtian extravaganza for art and theater geeks, evoking everything from WOW CafĂ© camp to Bruce Nauman’s post-minimal studio practice to Kara Walker’s silhouettes and shadow puppets. CR

Best Reminder of Why We Make and See Art
The Rude Mechs' Grrl Action Program
Grrl Action's year long mentoring program for teen girls culminated in the Spring Wrap Party this past April. Though they pursued multi-disciplinary projects throughout the year, each student created a single performance piece from her larger project for the Wrap Party. The pieces ranged from spoken word and video to more conceptual and interactive performances. While each performance maintained a clear connection to its autobiographical inspiration, the variation of the projects and the innovation of the students were truly inspiring. This is the only performance I have witnessed at which the majority of the audience was audibly weeping at one moment and only minutes later, sharing in a communal enchillada. I look forward to see what comes in 2009. LW

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