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1. Tiger says: The Method Gun opens next week! Click here to purchase tickets!
2. Mark your calendars, Rude Mechs presents Tenebrism by Minneapolis phenoms Lamb Lays with Lion.
3. Absolutely do not miss Grrl WRAP - an arts festival of new works by Grrl Action year-round participants.
4. Big love to our 2008/2009 Season Sponsors! And if you are interested in joining us for 2009/2010, let us know by June 1st!

SERIOUSLY - NO FOOLIN' - NOW'S THE TIME TO BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW!!!! Most of you missed it at The Long Center last year (we have ways of knowing these things), and to those of you that did see it last year: it's very much worth another viewing what with the new cast, the new ending, costumes, staging and video... The only thing you can really count on is TIGER!

The Method Gun
created by Rude Mechs
directed by Shawn Sides
written by Kirk Lynn

When: April 9 - May 2, 2009 (Thursday - Sunday at 8pm)
There is no performance on Sunday April 12th.

Tickets: Online Reservations:
Phone Reservations through Brown Paper Tickets: 1-800-838-3006.
Friday April 10th and Saturday April 18th are reserved for a private groups. Should tickets become available for those nights, we will shoot you an email. Tickets are available for all other performances.

Where: The Off Center (2211-A Hidalgo St., Austin, TX 78702)

Ticket Prices: Friday & Saturday: Sliding Scale $12 - $25; Thursday & Sunday: Pay-What-You-Can

Fusebox Festival passes will be accepted on a limited basis.

"The Method Gun... is nothing short of the best work this theater collective has done in its 13 years as it has carved out its well-respected reputation on the international indie theater scene." – Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin-American Statesman

"Top 10 Theatrical Treasures and Pleasures of 2008" - Austin Chronicle

"In the arts, the Eight from '08" - Austin-American Statesman

This original performance explores the life, ethos, and techniques of actor-training guru, Stella Burden, as recounted through the eyes of her students. Ms. Burden’s training technique, The Approach, fused Western acting methods and more dangerous METHODS in an effort to infuse even the smallest of roles with SEX, DEATH and VIOLENCE. We promise: guns, pendulums, “Streetcar,” and physical danger. We make no claims on behalf of narrative, common sense, or safety.

Using found text from the journals and performance reports of Stella Burden’s company, “The Method Gun” re-enacts the final months of her company’s rehearsals for their nine-years-in-the-making production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Stella left the company under mysterious circumstances in 1972, and the actors’ diaries express a sense of desperation, inadequacy, frustration, and confusion universal to performers - and which infuses ‘regular’ life. Set amid swinging pendulums and talking tigers, “The Method Gun” bounces between interior monologues, rehearsal sequences of “Streetcar,” and group interactions - all gleaned from historical documents - to express a longing for the return of inspiration and a more believable Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.

The Method Gun has received support from Creative Capital Foundation, Rockefeller MAP Fund, The Orchard Project, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Humanities Institute and The Harry Ransom Center. Rude Mechs is supported by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division.

Photo by Bret Brookshire

Media Sponsor:


Rude Mechs is crazy proud to present the work of Minneapolis-based theatre company Lamb Lays with Lion with their original performance, Tenebrism. Tenebrism is the first experiment in the Theatre of Disruption. Performed in an intentionally fragile atmosphere, Lamb Lays with Lion blurs the line of performance and reality by sharing its failure with the audience. Tenebrism is inspired by the religious imagery of Renaissance painter Caravaggio, Martin Scorsese’s "The Last Temptation of Christ," and legendary rock star Ian Curtis and his iconic post-punk band, Joy Division.

The host, Jeremey, promises the audience a show about Jesus, Joy Division, and Caravaggio. However, as Tenebrism unfolds, it becomes clear that the real performance is in witnessing just how hard it is for Jeremey and his assistant, Jayne, to get the show to “go on” at all. Tenebrism is the result of Lamb Lays with Lion’s “Theatre of Disruption” approach to creating ensemble performance. Tenebrism is performed by Lamb Lays with Lion founding-members, Jeremey Catterton and Jayne Deis. Tenebrism promises to be an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

When: April 16 - 19, 2009 (Thursday - Sunday at 10:30 PM - after Rude Mechs' The Method Gun) Latecomers very welcome!!

Where: The Off Center (2211-A Hidalgo St., Austin, TX 78702)

Tickets: Tickets are sold only at the Box Office each performance night beginning at 9:30 PM. No reservations accepted.

Ticket Prices:
CASH ONLY!!! Sliding Scale $5 - $25

3. GRRL WRAP - a festival of art projects by the participants of Grrl Action's 2008/2009 class


Grrl Wrap Opening Reception
Saturday, April 18, 2 - 4 pm
featuring photography by Shelby, collage by Isaura, costumes by Monique, ceramics by Emelia
Willow Arts, 1617 Willow St., Austin, TX 78702

Cafe Grrl
Tuesday, April 21, 7 - 9 pm viewing, 8 pm poetry reading
featuring illustrations by Lola and costumed poetry by Geneva
Cafe Mundi
1704 E. 5th St. #100, Austin, TX 78702

Grrl Salon
Wednesday, April 22, 7 pm
featuring a documentary by Isaura and a performance by Trey
ISESE Gallery at The Warfield Center on the UT campus (Jester Center A232A)
201 E. 21st St., Austin, TX 78705

Grrl Finale
Saturday, April 25, 2 pm
performances by Anna, Bryanna and Christina featuring all the grrls
The Off Center. 2211-A Hidalgo St., Austin, TX 78702

Tickets: Admission to the performances is FREE. Donations welcome!

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