Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've Never Been So Happy is chugging along

G'bye Again Method Gun

We're sad to see
The Method Gun go. Everyone that worked on it kicked serious tail and it was a total thrill to have it running during Fusebox Festival. We can't wait to take it on the road next Spring!

H'lo Again I've Never Been So Happy

First - We were featured in Stage Directions Magazine and they recorded the interview - Lana, Peter, Kirk and Thomas talking for at least 40 minutes about the making of I've Never Been So Happy. Here's a podcast of our interview.

Right now we are gearing up to do some more work on I've Never Been So Happy. We're taking a new approach and only developing this piece as money becomes available. Usually we set a premiere deadline and then produce it come hell or high water - which usually means we lose money or that we premiere a show that will need more work later. This time we are spending only what we have and stopping development in its tracks until more money becomes available. We would love a commission.

In the meantime, we are very proud to receive development support from two new sources: The University of Texas New Musical Theatre Initiative has requested a two-week development workshop on the piece to be done on their students. We will spend June 1 - 12th collaborating with the UT cast to create new scenes and music and projection ideas. On the 13th, we'll present a very casual showing of what we accomplished during the two week workshop.

The very next day, Peter, Lana, Kirk and Thomas will fly off to The Orchard Project (Hunter, NY) to continue dreaming on the production and to figure out what we'd like to present in September '09 with our last chunk of change. We are looking forward to decompressing from the UT workshop, hanging out with The Team (NYC) and perhaps finding some answers about this piece.

July 25th & 26th - Grrl Action Summer Performances (FREE!)
August 22nd - The Sci f-Eye Ball - that's right.

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