Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the blur that was orchard project

from jill @ the team

games we played: euchre, wiffle ball, capture the flag, settlers of catan, and mafia.

there was also a prom. and we danced a lot.

and we made a bonfire and ate smores.

dear mom and dad i love summer camp please send me back next year i will get lots of work done and play very hard. i miss everyone so much already! there were fireflies and it was magical and i loved it. i loved it!

Dear Jill,

We are afraid we are afraid that sending you to camp every single summer will spoil you rotten. So on the off-years, we will be sending you to stay with your cousins in Texas. It's very affordable, but it is terribly hot. You are allowed to swim in Barton Springs as much as you want, and we have allotted enough cash for you to have at least one happy-hour margarita per day. If you want the queso and chips, you might have to get a job while you are there. Our cousins are very very poor, and can only give you a bicycle and a floor to sleep on, but they are hospitable and when they aren't fighting with each other, can be a load of fun, we promise. Your cousin Kirk will spoon-feed you only Mexican food. Lana agrees to attend every happy hour. Thomas swears he will teach you that b-boy dance. Peter promises to write you a song if you promise to sing it every time you see him. We hope this will make you happy. Much love, mom&dad

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