Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Rude Two Ways: Join The Oyster Club & See I've Never Been So Happy

1. Join The Oyster Club!
2. Don't miss I've Never Been So Happy!

1. The Oyster Club
Join the club for invitations to monthly events September - April.

The first event is September 10th!

Eight shots of off-beat culture hosted by Rude Mechs! Meeting once in every month whose name contains an "r" (September-April), the Oyster Club is a new way to find pearls of art, architecture, music, film, food, and performance in the oceans of culture in Austin and Central Texas. The Rude Mechs will lead this renegade culture club to backstage access, private tours, secret after-parties, and once-in-a-lifetime spectacles. The Oyster Club will keep you active without making you busy. The first event is September 10th - a special night with our new show "I've Never Been So Happy."

2. I've Never Been So Happy
a new western operetta performance experiment
September 10 - 20, 2009
Show Tickets
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Come see musical theatre for a new breed of Texan! And stay to for a western adventure where you will be plied with soothing adult elixirs, taught how to use a lasso to capture your love, and boot scoot on our authentic Texas dance floor to the greatest music in the West.

I've Never Been So Happy, with music and lyrics by Austin Experimental Punk Grand Wizard Peter Stopschinski, and book and lyrics by Austin Experimental Theatre Mascot Kirk Lynn, fluctuates freely between high art and Hee-Haw, treating both with respect. The music pits a “Grand Ole Opry” style West against an “El Topo” style West. The writing butts lyric poetry up against bar jokes with finesse. The evening challenges what it means to “go to the theater” in 2009. In the olden days of face-to-face interaction, folks sauntered down Main Street kickin' up a trail o' dust and hollerin’ at the barber, "How's Jolene?" Now it's all checking out a video of a dude from Buenos Aires, remixing it, then posting it for others to chop and screw. This post-operetta (g)host town is the best of both worlds. The immediate participatory horizontal cultural production, but without all the emoticons because you are standing in the yard of The Off Center with all your Facebook friends gettin’ drunk, makin’ rope, bustin’ imaginary mutton and drawin’ maps of Texas land use in real time.

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