Wednesday, December 30, 2009

AusChron Top 9's / Play: A Journal of Plays / Humana Fest

The Method Gun was published in Issue #4 of Play: A Journal of Plays.

The Method Gun will be produced in the 2010 Humana Festival of New American Plays.

Rude Mechs landed three nods in The Austin Chronicle's Top 9's in '09 lists

1) 'THE METHOD GUN' (RUDE MECHANICALS) Even after all the months of hype and the iterative changes wrought by the show's restless creators, this deconstruction-and-extension-of-A Streetcar Named Desire-by-way-of-investigating-methods-of-performance-and-theatre-myth surpassed expectations and proved to be a brilliant distillation of all the gambits the Rudes had succeeded with before. – Wayne Alan Brenner

1) 'DIONYSUS IN 69' (RUDE MECHANICALS) Ritual performance. Sensuality, nudity, birthing. Group dancing, heterosexuality, homosexuality, orgy. A fitting dismemberment. Cunning. Joyful. Transcendent. Theatre at its absolute best. Directed by Madge Darlington and Shawn Sides. – Barry Pineo

3) 'DIONYSUS IN 69' (RUDE MECHANICALS) The Rudes' archaeological expedition into Sixties avant-garde theatre – re-creating, move for move, the Performance Group's boundary-busting original production – proved as full of life as the group's original works, drawing us inside an ancient Greek drama to experience its tragedy personally. Bravely performed by a committed cast. – Robert Faires

With Honorable Mentions from Robert Faires for I've Never Been So Happy and The Method Gun

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