Monday, April 19, 2010

Rude Mechs in Fusebox Festival - Quest for the West!


QUEST FOR THE WEST is an attempt to take the research for our show I've Never Been So Happy into your life! We are launching it at The Off Center at 10 am on Saturday the 24th (see KEEP READING! below)

Throughout the festival a series of quests will be presented on the Fusebox website, and t
hose brave enough to dive in will be ridiculously rewarded!

Quests may or may not include: Writing and recording a Country and Western Song! Out drawing your enemy in a crowded saloon! Catching a Mountain Lion by the tail! Starting April 24th, check the Fusebox website often to download daily tasks, upload proof of completion, or simply take a gander at the folly or yer fellows! Then you will join us on Saturday, May 1st at 10pm for a special awards ceremony. Trust us: it ends with a BANG!

KEEP READING! We are kicking this Quest off with a special, old-world SCAVENGER HUNT created by the two funniest adventure-seekers we know. JOIN US ON SATURDAY the 24th at 10AM at the OFF CENTER.

We will convene in front of The Off Center at 10 am for instructions/rules, and the hunt will commence shortly thereafter, ending back at The Off Center at 12:30pm for prizes!!

When: Saturday, April 24th from 10am to 12:30pm

Location: The Off Center is located at 2211-A Hidalgo @ Robert Martinez Jr. St. AVOID 7TH STREET IF YOU CAN - CONSTRUCTION MADNESS.

Parking: Please only park on the street! Joe's Bakery will be busy with their own customers and not available for Off Center parking.

Time: Instructions and rules at 10 am, teams will return by 12:30pm for judging and prizes!

Cost: Free

Prizes: Yes there will be

Transportation: The hunt will require visiting various locations around the beautiful city of Austin, so come prepared to have an adventure! These adventures are 100% bike-friendly. Extra points to those who hunt on horseback.

Team size: It's up to you! There can only be 20 teams total, so some folks may choose to join forces!

Event listing: on Fusebox website Directions: The Off Center: Badass Art Credit: Aron Taylor

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