Monday, January 16, 2012

An Intern's Perspective #2

Blake here, and my first week of rehearsal as a stage manager is complete. It is an honor to be given such a role, as I have never stage managed before! I'll also be helping out with set construction, which we start on tomorrow. We will be taking out the normal theatre seating to accommodate a large table we built. The audience (30 per show) will sit at the 30ft. table, while four large set pieces in the four corners of the space will surround them. The designers have also started their awesome plans. The show will be MAGICAL I tell you.

The actors are still in a very mercurial stage, respectively. Indeed, there is really no director in the traditional sense, so they all are the creative force behind the production. (We do have a sole writer who is also acting in the show, too.) A camcorder was brought in to enlighten the actors on spacing, which also helps with getting in the head of a future audience member. Anyhow, I think I'm beginning to believe that the early stages or the inventive portion of a show is the piece de resistance of experimental theatre. Okay, I seriously need to stop saying experimental.

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