Thursday, April 5, 2012

What the Hell Are We Going to Call It?


is the title of the next new work by the Rudes (which you may have seen workshopped as "CL1000P"). NOW NOW OH NOW with no punctuation.

But we thought it might be amusing to some to share the full list of titles we auditioned. But before I do, I want to tell you about a rule we have in Rudelandia that roughly goes, "if you notice a typo in a postcard after it has been printed, keep it to yourself because nothing can be done about it." And there is a lot to be learned from this rule and its application to areas beyond postcardary. In this instance the rule seems to suggest that while you may prefer other titles to NOW NOW OH NOW, you should do so privately because we ain't going back.



Cagney and Lacey in A Thousand Plateaus
A Thousand Plateau
Thousand Plateaus
1000 Plateaus
A Grand Plateau
The Grand Plateau
Ten Thousand Plateaus
1001 Plateuas
A Thousand Tableaus

The Tour
The Grand Tour

Soft Treaty

"...which to me is not unlike..."

A Cordial Engorgement (!)

Plus Ca Change

The Geek Triptych
The Nerd Triptych
The Dork Triptych

Permanent Death

Journey to the End of Taste

Quack Quack Quack
Quail Quake Quiver
Where the Stallion Meets the Sun
Now and Hold on Fast

And We’re Walking
Fin de Siecle
The Affirmation of Difference over Transcendental Hierarchy
Nobody Leaves This Room
Superbig Thinky Haunted Mystery Piece

One or Several Wolves
When the Peacock Spreads its Tail it is Beautiful, but Obvious
Beautiful, Obvious

Pressure to Make a Good Mate Decision
Anything Can Kill You
Sexual Selection and the Tertiary Markets of Melsinnvorn
The Already Defeated
Rate of Change in Hen Taste
Exponential Grown in Female Preference
Apparatus of Capture
Who Does the Earth Think It is
Halcyon Quest
Halcyon: The Reckoning
Halcyon Pursuit
Halcyon Trails

Ensing is Burning

The Extraordinary Adventures of Birds

Melsinnvorn: The Second Age
Beyond Melsinnvorn
The Fall of Melsinnvorn

Year Zero
Beautiful Fertile Valley

As Different As A Moonbeam from Lightning

Unquiet Slumbers

Firm As Weeds Among Stones

A Pang of Exquisite Suffering
Songs of the Grand Plateau
Life in the Grand Plateau
Still-Life of the Grand Plateau
Still Life
Bird Aesthetes
One Thousand Plats
A Thousand Plats
Candles and Birds
Candles and Birds in a Locked Room
1000 Candles and Birds in a Locked Room
Candles and Birds: A Still Life in Three Parts
Candles & Feathers
Feathers & Flames
The Still Life Variations
Still Life Triptych
Still Life in Triplicate
Singing Still Life
Living Still Life
Still Life with Songs

The Melsinvorn Triptych
The Melsinnvorn Trio
The Melsinnvorn Triad
The Melsinnvorn Trisul
The Melsinnvorn Miniatures
Fine Fettle

I’ll Be Coming Around

How You Get There

Play for the Already Defeated



A Kiss is a Lovely Trick

We’re so Bored

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  1. I am very much looking forward to the opening!