Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So, We Hung Out with Some Pigs

We can't thank Ari and Dean and all the amazing artists in residence at The Orchard Project for hosting us yet a third time. 

The first time we were there, we left with The Method Gun in our pockets, which is how we ended up with those wigs. Our second trip out, we walked away with a full third of I've Never Been So Happy drafted.

And this last time, we spent our week in heaven sharing best practices, training/working methods, and creating tiny pieces with Pig Iron Theatre Company. And had the unbelievable pleasure of getting to play several rounds of bananagrams and celebrity with the unbelievably cool Lisa Peterson (she killz at charades, yo), and all the co-co's, but especially our assigned co-co's Yichao and Abby - so game, and hometown girls Alexis and Katie.

We are looking forward to much more hanging out with the lovely pigs of Pig Iron.

Get it. Some Pigs...

Dan and Jeff are missing from these photos. That is wrong. 
Here's are pictures I found of them.

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