Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rude Retreat and Pearl Dive at the Plant!

Boy Howdy did we ever retreat and get down.  Starting Saturday morning the Rude Copads and Board spent 2 days hunkered down in the wilderness of outer Kyle at the fabulous Plant!  It is rentable for your retreats and weddings and what have yous!  (http://www.theplantatkyle.com/)

We finalized a new five year Rude plan!  Look out Austin!  Look out America!  Look out planet Earth!  We ate cake.  We laughed.  We cried.  We listened to John Denver!  As we refine our play NOW NOW OH NOW and dive into a new untitled devised work we celebrate one another, our board and the whole network of lovers who support us.  Thank you...

THEN we immediately put on our fancy clothes to celebrate the Rudes with a benefit called the Pearl Dive.  I won't show you too many pictures because I don't want to start an epidemic of depression for those who missed it.  But we had the best oysters in the land, followed by snapper and grouper, followed by a 40 pound tuna, followed by a 70 pound swordfish! All put together by the best chefs in Austin.  If you really wanna be sad, look at our website where all the fabulous chefs and drink-makers are listed... but you will notice a certain shine on the patrons of ours who were there.  Fish makes you pretty.  Here's a picture to prove it!

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