Saturday, September 29, 2012

Special Thanks to Pearl Dive Supporters!

We are thrilled to report that Pearl Dive at The Plant was a major success and we reached our fundraising and fun goals! The Board and Company extends our collective love and thanks to everyone that showed up and to everyone that donated hard-earned cash to make that happen!

We want to take a moment and express how deeply grateful we are to all of the amazing people that took personal time out of their lives to make this event a success and to support Rude Mechs.

We hope you will be sure to patronize their businesses and help us support the businesses and people that support the arts.

The Setting:  The Plant at Kyle 


Roberto San Miguel of San Miguel Seafood 

The Main Course Ensemble:
Paul Hargrove and Alex Jackson of East Side Showroom 
Jason Dodge of Péché 
Patrick Hieger of Gastrogiant 
Jason Stude of 2nd Bar + Kitchen
Travis Mills, expert shucker

The Dessert Ensemble:
Sugar Circus 
Texas French Bread
Leilah Stewart

As Perfect Pairings:
Abita Brewing 
Tipsy Texan 
Paula’s Texas Spirits
Casa Brasil

As Deejay: 
Graham Reynolds

Behind the Scenes:
Ben Huselton of Paggi House
Sonya Cote, Hillside Farmacy
Lonny Stern 

And a special love thank you to the volunteers:
Bill Anderson, Eva Claycomb, Emily Conyngham, Scott Guthrie, Matt Hislope, Jessica Hughes, Hannah Kenah, Ellie McBride, Amy Miley, Robert Pierson, Patrick Rech, Aron Taylor, Tammy Whitehead, Steve Wilson

Event Sponsors

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