Monday, February 11, 2013

Method Gun Winter 2013 - We did it right!

So - as you probably know, The Method Gun hopped all over the map this last month.

Here's how it went:

Minneapolis - my snot froze.
Middlebury - really effin cold.
Nashville - freakishly cold.
Miami - a day at the beach.

We couldn't have been more humbled to kick off Walker Art Center's 25th Out There festival.

The new (to us) space is beautiful - look at it!

And it was absolutely perfect for the play.

Good shows. Good audience. Good food. Good times.

Thanks for inviting us Philip, and thanks for being just extra cool, Michelle.

We discovered the winter wonderland that is Middlebury VT.

We taught some classes, we ate an extraordinary amount of Thai food, and we had a great night out with very cool Middlebury faculty some students who drove in FROM MAINE to see the show! And then there was the shotski.

Thank you, Liza, for bringing us out. And Allison, for your lovely self and the maple syrup recipe book!

Next up was Nashville. It snowed. Dafuq. Billy Joel's security kicked us out of our load-in, but Lana got to play the same piano as him - she was sooooo much better. Stunning, really.

We taught classes, we saw the Nashville Parthenon, and had great times with Bridgette at the bar we discovered way too late just across from the hotel. Thank you Bridgette and Leah for bringing us out!

We were super surprised and happy to see our friend (and first board member) Raoul S. at the show. Plus, Peter S. / Tyler H. of Chablis fame were there and came out for drinks after.

And we wound it up with Miami.

No words. Just this awesome picture of the Rudes in South Beach.

Big thanks to Kathryn for bringing us and to Gary, Tiffany, and Adam for surpassing awesome.

And to Joann and Brad for your incredible front-row energy!

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