Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Method Gun tour and SHY coming your way


Out-of-Town Friends, Come Visit Us!


We are thrilled to return to the Walker Art Center and to kick off the 25th anniversary of Walker's Out There festival interrogating the form of theater itself, blurring lines between reality and theatrical fiction, exploring the creation and transformation of identity, and reimagining the mythic. And we couldn't be more excited to make new friends in Middlebury, Nashville and Miami.

We hope you or someone you know will join us!
Walker Art Center
January 10-12, 2013
Walker Ticket Information Here
Middlebury College
January 18-19, 2013
Middlebury Ticket Information Here
Vanderbilt University
February 1, 2013
Vanderbilt Ticket Information Here
Miami-Dade Community College, The Colony Theater
February 8-9, 2013
MDCC Ticket Information Here

Support Rude Mechs!

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There's 129 days until April 15. It's never too early to think about deductions for charitable giving. Tax codes are changing and this might be the last year for such credit. And, of course, you'll ensure the Rude Mechs have the resources needed to produce our best work in 2013. Thank you!

Save the Date(s) - a new play is in the works

Because we enjoy having more than one project in development at a time, we are starting work on our next play, Stop Hitting Yourself. It's still truly in the earliest stages of development, but we can offer you this teaser for the upcoming workshop production:
Stop Hitting Yourself
a new play from Rude Mechs
April 4 - 21, 2013 (Thurs - Sun) at 8pm
The Off Center
Tickets will go on sale March 1st. We're happy to arrange group sales earlier.

"At tonight's party you were observed and those observations are currently being compiled into a list of the things you need to be taught. We have one month to perfect you. In one month, we're going to have another party. The difference is at this next party, the Queen will be in attendance. Improvement. Succor. Fate. Queso. Wardrobe. Charity. Belief."

Rude Mechs is currently embracing the fundamental beliefs underlying late-stage capitalism and indulging in some 1930's Hollywood glamor. Part Pygmalion, Busby Berkley, part self-help lexicon -- all while tap-dancing around a queso fountain.

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