Monday, November 19, 2012


Hannah and Thomas drove the set up from Austin through Ohio.  They actually passed the Romney Motorcade outside of Colombus
They entered the city with convoys of  Utility Trucks from all over the country
The power was back on at New York Live Arts.  Things in Manhattan had mostly returned to normal.  But there were still long lines at every gas station. 
On our preview night Bill T. Jones was there.  He has incredible presence even just as an audience member.  He got down with us in the ecstasy dance.  And even took his shirt off. 
New York was a fun place to watch the Election results. We took to the streets with sparklers. 

The run of D69 couldn't have gone better.  We got a great review in Time Out New York   

The audiences were lots of fun.  We had something happen that had never happened before in the original or when we did it in 2009.  After the ecstasy dance the audience didnt return to their seats.  Instead they all sat "onstage" with the cast and sang Pentheus' name and received his castigation.  It was beautiful.  
Schechner was there almost every night.  Disorienting the audience as they arrived.
The highlight was perhaps getting to see a bunch of our New York City Theatre buddies Mark Jaynes from RadioHole, Sybil Kempson, Libby King and Rachael Chavkin from the TEAM, Geoff and Trey from Rainpan 43, Dan, James, Alex, and Dito from Pig Iron were there from Philly, Maria Goyanes from the Public, Frank Henshker from Prelude Festival, Melanie Joseph from the Foundry, April Matthis from ERS among may other fine fine folks with whom it's always great to visit. Nice to see you guys.

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